A photograph that made me think – ”Hotel by Railroad” by Richard Tushman

Hotel by Railroad is a photograph taken by Richard Tushman from the series ”Hopper Meditation” in 2012, I have seen it by chance on the internet as I was making some personal reserch about Edward Hopper and the photo made me think a lot.

Firstly I was amazed by the idea of representing a painting as a photograph, I found it extremely fascinating and arduous to develop: the maniacal study behind every details it is the hardest thing for me to figure out.

I have always thought that the most beautiful images are taken instinctively, without thinking very much at the location or so – in this case I came to the conclusion that I was completely wrong. I love the attention, the idea and even the research I can see behind every single shot of his project. The composition, the light and the colour surprise me greatly: it seems a real painting made by Edward Hopper himself. As I said before, even though I am not a big fan of stilted photographs, I do not find this image static at all: the photographer has got the ability of making me feel a lot of different sensations with this shot. I chose this photograph because it made me aware of a fascinating technique I would like to implement in my style.

Jasmine Bruno

L1 University of the west of England


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