Previous Symposiums, Projects and Events

Previous projects and events by our members include;


Title Red, White and You?
Date / Location  June 2017 – ongoing. Bristol
 Descripton  We interview young people (aged 18 – 30) of African, Caribbean and Asian Diasporas about their views of Britain today, and what their hopes are for the future.

Red white you 2

This is a self-directed project, not yet received any funding or support, but working towards that to take forward the next stages of the project.

 Partner  Ruth Pitter, Voscur
 Organiser Dr Shawn Sobers 
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Title Feeling Images: Photography’s Relationship with Illness, Mental Health and Wellbeing – One Day Symposium
Date / Location 7th April 2017 / Watershed, Bristol
Description This one day symposium explores photography’s interactions with illness, mental health and wellbeing, asking fundamental questions such as who is such work for, and what are the ethics of engagement.

See further article about the event here.

Partners Watershed
Speakers Heather Agyepong / Tim Andrews / Tamany Baker / Ruth Davey 
Sian Davey / Kathy Foote / Amanda Harman / Clare Hewitt / 
Patrick Graham / Rosy Martin / Tim A Shaw / Shawn Sobers / Ameena Rojee
Chairs Nick Bright / Angus Fraser / Shawn Sobers / Liz Banks / Jim Campbell 
Organiser Dr Shawn Sobers
Image (click to enlarge) Photo-and-mental-health-symposum-waterhsed-v2
Title Bristol School of Bravery
– Participatory project and exhibition
Date / Location Exhibition – 24th – 28th January 2017, The Island, Bristol
Description Photography exhibition exploring themes relating to female identity, memory and narrative.  
Partner Bristol School of Bravery
Photographers Hannah Wirgman
Sharon Robbins
Organiser Rosalind j Turner (for Bristol School of Bravery)
Dr Shawn Sobers (for Photography Research Group)
Liz Banks (for Photography Research Group)
Image (click to enlarge) School of Bravery
Title It’s All In The Edit – One Day Symposium
Date / Location 13th January  2017, UWE Bower Ashton Studios
Description One Day Symposium looking at the role of image selection editing in exhibition, publications and photo books.
Partners UWE BA (Hons) Photography
Speakers Colin Pantall
Jonny Briggs
Emma Bowkett
Organiser Jim Campbell
Image (click to enlarge) express yourself
Title Mini-Click Symposium – Satellites
Date / Location 30th June 2016, London
Description Half day symposium hearing from photographers approach to their personal work.
Partners Mini-Click, Opus exhibition, OXO Tower, UWE BA (Hons) Photography
Speakers Sian Davey
Jon Tonks
Daniel Meadows
Josh Lustig
Organiser Jack Latham (for Mini-Click)
Jim Campbell (for UWE)
Image (click to enlarge) mini clicks event
Title Whole School Self Portraits in vernacular and YouTube aesthetics 
Year 2016
Partners Hannah More School and Centre for Moving Image Research
Funder UWE Research Leave
Project Manager Dr Shawn Sobers
Photographers/filmmakers UWE Photography BA students;

Courtney Barnes
Jack Dowling
Lucy Durling
India Farman
Becky Hardy
Ella Harris

Karina Jacenko
Joelle Sayles

Project Description: Exploring how a school community choose to be represented, using music and video to overtly and covertly communicate key messages to the wider community.


Title Moving Stills – One Day Symposium
Date / Location 15th April 2016 / Watershed, Bristol
Description One Day Symposium looking at photographers who shoot moving image, and the relationship between the creative approaches.
Partners Watershed
Speakers Martin Parr
Elaine Constantine
Anne Bourgeois-Vignon
Dr Eileen Little
Carolyn Lefley
Rakesh Mohindra
Tony Clancy
Alistair Oldham
Dr Shawn Sobers
Liz Banks
Jim Campbell
Organisers Dr Shawn Sobers
Jim Campbell
Rachel Evans
Chelsea Rooke
Image (click to enlarge) Untitled-1
Title Hometown Heroes
Year 2012 – present
Partners Bristol Metropolitan Academy, Broadlands Academy, Worle Community School, Backwell School, Downend School, and Bridge Learning Campus
Funder Prince’s Trust
Project Manager Amanda Harman
Photographer UWE Photography students (names to follow)
Project Description Working with local schools, using photography to explore people that have inspired the lives of the young people.


Title Express Yourself: Experimental Photography – One Day Symposium
Date / Location 11th January  2016 / UWE Bower Ashton Studios
Description One Day Symposium looking at experimental and surreal photography
Partners UWE BA (Hons) Photography
Speakers Jason Evans
Jack Davison
Alma Haser
Organiser Jim Campbell
Image (click to enlarge) express yourself
Title Hidden Presence
Year 2013 – 2016
Partners Ffotogallery, Chepstow Museum, Pound Arts, Photo-Sensitive, Barnardos, Bath Records Office, Bath Black Families Support Group, Firstborn Creatives, Centre for Moving image Research, Cardiff Council, Monmouthshire Council, B&NES, Wiltshire Council, East Tytherton Heritage Project, Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre. 

(To see the full list of partners click here. – )

Funder Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council of Wales, Wiltshire Council, and PLaCE University of the West of England
Project Manager for UWE Dr Shawn Sobers
Photographers Penney Ellis
Julian Germain
Eva Sajovic
Shawn Sobers
Project Description: A creative research project exploring the presence of Black people in Britain before the 20th Century, over numerous geographic locations.
Title Open For Business
Year 2015
Partners Bristol Museums & Art Gallery and Magnum Photos
Funder Lloyds LDC and University of the West of England
Project Manager for UWE Jim Campbell
Photographer UWE Photography BA students  (names to follow)
Project Description: Producing images to fill gaps in the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery archives, in the category of documenting significant local businesses.  
Title Garden Stories, Hidden Labour
Year 2014
Partners Tyntesfield House, National Trust
Project Manager Amanda Harman
Photographer Amanda Harman
Project Description This series of unintended or ‘accidental’ still lives seeks to make visible the unseen and often unsung work of the gardeners, by revealing small signs of the day-to-day. These observations seek to embody the gardener’s labours and reveal the hidden stories of the work and life of the gardens, and those who tend them. 
Title Out of the mouth of babes
Year 2015
Partners Hannah More School
Funder UWE Research Leave
Project Manager Dr Shawn Sobers
Photographers UWE Photography BA students;

Jade SpurlingSharma Everson
David Gilmore
Lilia Manninen
Taya Portlock
Katie Dinnage

Project Description Commissioned by Hannah More School to document a week-long off-curriculum special project which involved every child in the school.  In addition to photographing the week, we interviewed the children to investigate the immediate impact the week had on the children. 


Title Santa Muerte
Year 2015
Partners The Photographers Gallery, Trolley Books, and Victoria Forrest
Funder Bar Tur Photobook Award
Project Manager Angus Fraser
Photographer Angus Fraser
Project Description Exploring modern day practices and iconography of the Santa Muerte religion in Mexico – a way of life that has been denounced as satanic by the Mexican Catholic Church. . 


Title Walking Interconnections –
Year 2013 – 2014
Partners Bristol University Norah Fry Research Centre, University of Glasgow, University of West of England – Visual Culture Research Group, Sustainability Practitioners Networks and WECIL Peer Support Group. 
 Funder AHRC Connected Communities
Project Manager for UWE Dr Shawn Sobers
Photographers Members of the WECIL Peer Support Group and sustainability practitioners;

Anais Leger
Julie Whittaker
Andrew Whittaker
Liz Crow
Rosalind J. Turner
Tom Henfrey

Dale Durrant
Raheela Raza-Syed

Paul Noone
Tony Benson

Sue Liebow
Sharon Millard

Soledad Riestra
Karen Morgan

Courtney Planter
Terry Searle
Glenise Morgan
Professor Jane Speedy
Hayley Hellings

Project Description Using participatory photography, mapmaking and audio to explore the lived experience of walking and the environment for disabled people.
Title The Chaos of Memory
Year 2013
Partners Bristol Museums & Art Gallery
Project Manager Nick Bright
Photographer Nick Bright
Project Description Working with Bristol Museum & Art Gallery to document their store rooms and behind the scenes spaces.

Industry Collaborations and Professional Links include;

  • Watershed
  • Arnolfini
  • Bristol Media
  • Aardman
  • BBC
  • Royal Photographic Society
  • Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
  • Royal West of England Academy
  • Spike Island
  • Artspace
  • Tate Modern
  • V&A Museum
  • We Folk
  • Santucci
  • The FT Magazine
  • The Guardian
  • Art & Commerce
  • MultiStory
  • Magnum Photos
  • Bristol Museum, Galleries & Archives