Photographic Dialogues Journal

Launched in 2017, we publish the Photographic Dialogues Journal annually.  


Issue 1 – 2017 – Photographic Dialogues: Moving Stills Special Edition – £10 (+ £2 pp)

ISBN 978-0-9555018-3-8Photographic Dialogues front cover

Special issue looking at photographers who shoot moving image, and the relationship between the creative approaches.

We ran the Moving Stills symposium in April 2016, which explored the practices of photographers who also produce moving image work.

This inaugural edition of our Photographic Dialogues journal uses that symposium as the starting point, and includes papers and conversations from the event, and includes additional articles and interviews with photographer-film-makers, and a section showcasing new and current projects.

The journal provides rare insights into the practices of photographers who make film, and discussed often neglected conversation about the relationship between still and moving image. It explores the benefits and challenges of working across these formats, at a time when more photographers than ever are expected to be skilled at both.

Martin Parr / Elaine Constantine / Anne Bourgeois-Vignon / Dr Eileen Little / Carolyn Lefley / Rakesh Mohindra / Tony Clancy / Alistair Oldham / Eleanor Kynaston / Lewis Khan / Jack Rawlins / Dr Amak Mahamoodian / John House / Deborah Weinreb /   Jacqueline Butler / Joelle Sayles /  Dr Shawn Sobers / Liz Banks / Jim Campbell.

Edited by Dr Shawn Sobers and Keith Hursthouse

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