Student involvement

We work in close partnership with the UWE BA (Hons), MA and PhD students, and post-graduate students can become Affiliate Members of the research group.  We actively encourage students to get involved in projects, not only working with staff in support roles, but in their own right as creative practitioners and researchers.

Staff members of the group feed their experiences of projects back into their teaching via lectures, tutorial conversations, and in references given to students for their further research.

Hannah More wirh credit2

We often connect students with academics in other disciplines to gain fresh insights and alternative perspectives than that given by their discipline tutor, as we recognise that photography is a discipline that is at its best when it is making connections with ideas additional to the core discourse of photography itself. 

We encourage students to recognise that, as photography is a discipline reliant on the need to point the camera lens at something, that the something has a history and discourse all of its own that needs equal attention and investigation, in order to be fully aware of the visual languages you are employing in its visual representation. 

If you are a student at UWE and interested to get involved, please contact us here.