IN FOCUS Collaborations

We encourage multidisciplinary partnerships to be formed, to develop new conversations and ideas with the aim of inspiring future research projects, exploring the role of photography in all aspects of society.

We do this by linking two or more experts from different disciplines together, (for example – a landscape photographer to work with an architect), to see what new types of conversations happen and knowledges explored.

The ethos of these interactions is through a multidisciplinary methodology, meaning we are interested in the how the experts bring their distinct subject knowledges to the table, and use the interactions to strengthen and develop new understandings of their own subject areas as a result.

These interactions are documented through our IN FOCUS series of articles and outputs, see below…

amanda harman with credit

This new scheme will feature reflections from the collaborative interventions as part of the IN FOCUS Scheme.


IN FOCUS #1 – June 2016
Article Photography and a 3D model in an Architectural Conversation (click link)

Elena Marco – Head of Department – Architecture and the Built Environment, UWE
Justine Frost – Final year UWE BA (Hons) Photography student
Key words – architecture, 3D modelling, research methods, cultural history


IN FOCUS #2 – May 2017
Article – Reflections on collaborating with the Bristol School of Bravery for Women

Rosalind J Turner – Interdisciplinary Practitioner and Bravery School founder
Hannah Wirgman– 2nd year UWE BA (Hons) Photography student
Sarah Robbins – 1st year UWE BA (Hons) Photography student


IN FOCUS #4 – June 2017


Research project exploring Black British identity.  See more here.


Article – Art in the Community and the Upfest effect: A report on using graffiti to enhance local resources, business income and cultural tourism.

Arthur McKenzie-Perry and South Bristol community

A community work experience initiative.