Publications, Exhibition and Scholarly Activity

(selected highlights – in alphabetical order of author)

Banks, L. (2015) Look Up – A screening and analysis of my practice research into space, time and grief through film. In: Material Environments: Sensing Time and Matter in Digital and Visual Culture, University of Greenwich, London, UK, 24-25 July 2015. Available from:

Banks, L. (2015) Look Up – A screening and analysis of my practice research into the photographic approach to filmmaking. In:Photography in the 21st Century: Philosophy, art & technique, Central St Martins, London, UK, 5-6 June 2015. Available from:

Bright, N. (2012) Unnatural natural history. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Bright, N. (2011) Open 2. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Campbell, J. (2009) Warned off (the dogs): Institutional power & surveillance.Draft, Issue . Available from:

Campbell, J. and Allen, P. (2009) Boring, trivial and dubious: Photographing place and the construction of meaning. In: Framing Time and Place: Repeats and Returns in Photography, Plymouth University, UK, 16th April 2009. Available from:

Fraser, A. (2015) Toledo and the trinity of death in Mexico: Dia de los Muertos, La Catrina y La Santa Muerte. In: Understanding the Day of the Dead, British Museum, London, UK, 02 November 2015. Available from:

Fraser, A. and The Photographers’ Gallery, Trolley Books, Bar-Tur Foundation, Arts Council England (2015) Santa Muerte. [Creative work: artist’s book] Available from:

Fraser, A. (2015) Practice as research – an oxymoron? The teacher/practitioner identity. In: APHE (Association of Photography in Higher Education) Summer Conference 2015, Nottingham, UK, 1-3 July 2015. Available from:

Fraser, A. (2010) Shrine – an ongoing research project that explores the re-presentation of devotional iconography through the photographic medium. [Artefact] Available from:

Harman, A. (2015) Pictures from Home, La Galleria, London

Harman, A. (2014) Sony World Photography Awards, London, Liverpool, Cologne, Bratislava.

Harman, A. (2014) YMCA & I, Lightbox, Woking

Harman, A. (2014) Garden Stories, Tyntesfield, Wraxhall

Harman, A. (2014) Portrait Salon, Fuse Art Space, Bradford

Harman, A. (2013) 161 Annual Open, RWA, Bristol

Harman, A. (2013) Portrait Salon, Four Corners, London

Harman, A. (2013) YMCA & I, RIBA Gallery, London

Harman, A. (2009-11) Bleachbox Gallery, AAF Toronto, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Paris

Harman, A. (2010) Slow Play, F Gallery, Bristol

Harman, A. (2009) Secret Gardens, KWMC, Bristol1/5

Mahmoodian, A (2016) Shenasnameh (Birth Certificate). ICVL Studio and RRB Publishing

Sobers, S. (2017) Pedagogy of the Possessed: Photography, Integrity, and the tenacity of a discipline. In: 2020 Visions. Published by KWMC (also available online)

Sobers, S. (2016) An ethnographer and photographer walk into a bar – creative photography and research. In: Patter blog (available online)

Sobers, S. (2015) Self-portraiture and portraiture in the dialogic moment. In: Gender Recalled, King’s College, London, 30th June 2015. Available from:

Sobers, S. (2015) Photography and integrity – an overview. In:Exclave 2015 and Photography and Integrity Symposium, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, 25th – 28th June 2015. Available from:

Sobers, S. (2015) One bridge, two Williams: Photographic integrity in the age of ubiquity.Exclave, 4000. pp. 5-8. Available from:

Sobers, S. (2015) Walking interconnections: Case study of methods of a participatory action research project. In: Visual Social Science Network, Watershed, Bristol, UK, 4 March 2015. Available from:

Sobers, S. and Mitchell, R. (2015) Photojournalism and ethics: In search of a peace journalism. In: Bristol Cable Seminar Workshop, Bristol, UK, 17 March 2015. Available from:

Sobers, S. (2014) Familiar ways: Vulnerable auto-ethnography in creative practice. In: Family Matters, Bristol, UK, 5 December 2014. Bristol: Family Ties Network Available from:

Sobers, S., Porter, S., Parfitt, A. and Wheeler, A. (2014) Walking interconnections: Walking in someone else’s shoes. In: Thinking Futures, MShed, Bristol, UK, 1-11 November 2014. Bristol, MShed: Bristol University Available from:

Sobers, S. (2014) Photography that revisits: Participatory influences in post-colonial, auto-ethnographic visual anthropology practices. In:Photography and Anthropology Conference – Royal Anthropology Institute, British Museum, London, 29 – 31 May 2014. British Museum: British Museum. Available from:

Sobers, S. (2013) Enthusiastic facilitator, reluctant anthropologist. In:Conference for the International Visual Sociology Association, Goldsmiths, London, UK, 8-10 July 2013. Available from:

Sobers, S. (2012) Identity in community media (negotiating marginal positions within photographic practices). In: Rendering the Real: Negotiating Marginal Positions within Photographic Practices, 198 Contemporary Gallery, London, 21st April 2012. Available from: