Our members and expertise

We have not categorised our members according to the research themes, as we are interested in many crossover areas, and also every new conversation can present growing areas of interest for each of us.

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Research Group Convener

Dr Shawn Sobers – Associate Professor of Lens Based Media

Research Group Staff Members 

Liz Banks – Senior Lecturer – Photography and Moving Image
Nick Bright – Senior Lecturer – Photography
Jim Campbell – Programme Manager – BA Photography
Sarah Crew – Photography Junior Fellow
Max FergusonPhotography and Post-Graduate Junior Fellow
Kathy Foote
– Technical Instructor, Photography

Angus Fraser – Senior Lecturer and joint course Leader – MA Photography
Dr David Green – Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Amanda Harman – Associate Lecturer – Photography  

John House – Technical Instructor, Photography
Bikrant MaharjanPhotography Desk
Frank Menger – Senior Technical Instructor, Photography

John PodpadecSenior Lecturer – Filmmaking 
Carole Sartain
Independent Creative Industries Consultant
Aaron Schuman
– Joint course Leader – MA Photography
Sam Rogers
– Technical Instructor, Photography

Dr Jeanette Sakel – Associate Head of Department – Linguistics, English Language and Writing
George Wood – Technical Instructor, Photography

Research Group Associate Members 

Associate Members are active practitioners and researchers not employed by UWE, who have a close working relationship with Staff Members, and interested in developing collaborative projects.

Lucy Bentham – Photographer / Curator
Ibolya Feher – Photographer
Patrick Graham – Photographer
Kirsty Mackay – Photographer
Dr Amak Mahmoodian – Photographer / Curator
Sharon Townson – Visual Sociologist
Kamina Walton – Photographer / Facilitator
Chelsea Rooke – Photographer
Deborah Weinreb – Photographer

Post-Graduate Members

Graham CookPhotographer (MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking)
Vikki Hill –
Photographer (PhD Candidate)
Dani Landau
– Photographer (PhD Candidate)
Lucietta Williams – Filmmaker/Photographer (PhD Candidate)
Jamie Dormer-Durling – Photographer (MA Graphic Arts)

Research Fellows

Dr Peter Moseley – Photographer – Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Derek Price – Researcher/Writer – Senior Research Fellow

Research Group Advisers

Abigail Davies – Associate Head Of Department : Lens &Moving Image
Liz Williams – Education Manager, The Royal Photography Society

Associated Research Centres and Groups

Digital Cultures Research Centre (DCRC)
Creative Industries Research Group

Visual Culture Research Group
Visual Social Science Network