A photograph that made me think – Nilufer Demir’s

A photograph that made me think.

This photo was produced to show the world the reality of what the refugees and migrants face on a daily basis. This specific photograph made me think how photography can be used as an aid to help. Here specifically help people understand more about humanitarian issues going on in the world around us and helps to explain something that perhaps words cannot. This photograph I believe, evokes more emotion and sympathy than any article I’ve read. To use the term a picture speaks a thousand words is appropriate when referring to this image. I think it changed the world’s view of this crisis and exploited the horror of their journey and what the refugees face. It shook the world. It made me think about how photography can be used as a platform of communication to show the world the truth. To exploit issues in the world that, if not for a camera, may be lift hidden and shunned. Although a good journalist can describe catastrophes I think a photograph can do what writing cant and that is show people reliability the truth.

Prudence Bond


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