A photograph that made me think – Birds in the trap by Nick Knight

I chose this image as it looks unorthdox, it has as strong vibe, with lots of mystery. The image feels like it has broad interpretation and depending on the viewer that will get something different from it.

Showing my partner the image, he initially thought that the model was a aboriginal man locked in a cage. On a second glace he noticed the model wearing a watch with tattoos, he then said that that was the current trend with youth. My partner then suggested, “The youth are trapped”.

At first my original thought was that the model looked trapped, as piece is called ‘birds in the trap’. As I’m aware the model is Travi$ Scott I feel that that Nick Knight has tried to portray in a mischievous light, this was made apparent by his smile. The stiffness of his arms make it feel as though the model is trying to break free, the image may suggest that he is being incarcerated but the smile makes it looks as though his sure he is going to break free. The lighting also adds a mysterious undertone partially the shadows around his eyes.

Tristan Grierson
L1 Photography, University of the West England


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