A photograph that made me think – Bubble Series, Melvin Sokolosky

This photograph has been taken by one of my favourite artist called Melvin Sokoloksy. I always find it very interesting and also unique every time I see this photograph, because of the way that the composition has been set, the effect of the background and the surroundings itself but also the isolation that’s been created in the busy landscape. This photograph makes me question how the artist has done this, also why has he put a model in the Faberge egg in the first place in such an exotic landscape.

This photograph makes me think very creatively about the whole photography, as there are so many different perspective ways of looking at this as other people might view it same way as me. But I think that this photograph has shown me to very distinctive direction ways in the photograph or even in photo-shop. It’s also interesting to think that how just changing the photograph to black and white has created a whole different mood into the photo as it makes the photograph quite dark and mysterious.

Christina ( Min Ji) Kim

L1 Photography, University of the West of England


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