A photograph that made me think – Hannah by Laura Stevens

Still wearing her trench coat, I see a drained young woman tired of life. I can only assume as her face is further afield and although, she as a whole is the subject matter, and my eye captivates her, I can’t help but notice the doors. The audience is looking into her apartment from the hallway of a building. She has let the photographer in, but not physically or virtually.

I love the composition of this shot because it drives my curiosity as to why she has left her front door open. But not only that, she clearly had no energy to continue further. Her handbag has also dropped to the ground alongside her. Perhaps she had a bad day, or a one night stand. Her hair appears rather rugged and her expression distracted, as though her gaze is locked onto a pet.

I can appreciate the imperfections of the hallway’s interior; the dirty staircase in view, the doorstep carpet, and the wonky plug; which actually confirms for me that this is swaying more towards the dingy New York City apartment cliché. The dark earthy shades of brown in the hallway really resonate with emptiness.

The time of day is not apparent, as we see no windows nor daylight. Stevens uses a nice element of rule of thirds, cutting the central doorway of subject into more thirds. Also noting it’s been captured at eye level, suggesting Steven’s was crouched down at the correct angle that could successfully encapsulate enough floor space.

Rossella Picciuto

L1 Photography, University of the West of England


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