Photography I find interesting

I find Christian Patterson’s work interesting as its very enticing the sense of dullness that the buildings portray. However in the image it captures the spontaneity that photography enables by capturing the perfect amount of light necessary to expose a certain point of the building that gives off a sense of hope. The photograph also portrays a sense of loneliness of which surrounds the image however still maintains a sense of hope and the light can be portrayed as a God like figure because of the precise structure of the light can be interpretated as ‘God of light’. In addition the composition has a very effective structure as it creates layers to the image in how it’s positioned. Finally it compliments the theme of abandoned buildings which give an eery tone and a sense of escapism which are contrasting themes however the imagery of the light and old building demonstrates this factor.

Can you please send this again with your name, as we don’t know who wrote it.  Thank you.  

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