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Our first interview was with Abi on the day before the General Election, 7th June 2017. Before the day we asked her for a written statement about herself, this is what she sent.

“I have just complete her Sociology and Criminology degree at the University of the West of England. For one of my assessments I created a short film exploring diaspora, culture, ethnicity history and legacy from the perspective of Black British individuals. I believe that this conversation requires a platform for engagement. Personally I’ve experienced my Blackness and my Britishness being questioned from people across a variety of diasporas. I am interested in sharing my views for this project because I recognise that as in today’s society identity is fluid and I believe this is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the fluidity of society and the impacts and implication that fluidity has on me as a young Black British women, entering into a new trajectory in life.”

During the interview Abi explored these issues at a deeper level, and so much more.

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Abi is now looking to move to London and study for an MA.  

Here’s the link to the film Abi made for her Sociology degree, titled ‘Union Jack Through Black Eyes‘ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UES78IV0Lhg&t=475s



[L-R – Shawn Sobers, Abi Stephenson and Ruth Pitter]

Thanks Abi that was great!  All the very best for the future!

Interview by Ruth Pitter (VOSCUR) and Dr Shawn Sobers (UWE)

Portraits by Shawn Sobers
Selfie by Abigail Stephenson

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