A Photograph that made me think – The Viewer, David De Beyter

This photograph is by French photographer David De Beyter. The majority of his work focuses on incorporating large structures and sculptures he designs and creates beforehand. This photograph in particular features three tiled buildings which appear to be half “sunk” into the ground. The location of the photograph is based primarily in a large field in front of some sort of small town which is lighting up the dark night sky with a warm glow.

What I admire most about this photograph is the lighting and composition. The distance of the structures from the warm background makes me feel disconnected and out of place, and the floodlight in the foreground emphasises this by highlighting the out of place buildings in a light which juxtaposes with the tones in the sky behind it. I find this image to be quite thought provoking as it raises many questions about the narrative behind it as well as leaving room for interpretation. The fact that it was shot during night time also adds to the dark and moody atmosphere by forcing you to focus on the remotely lit and disconnected abstract structures in the foreground.


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