Tom Farmer, a photograph that made me think

Tom Farmer

L1 Photography, University of the West of England

A Photograph That Made Me Think

Stephen Gill, Coming Up for Air

This photograph from Stephen Gills body of work “Coming Up for Air” makes me think of how simple creating an interesting image can be. In this image everything is stripped down to the basics of shape and colour. It makes you question the photographers eye and his creativity more so than his technical knowhow.

I feel how you interpret a situation is very important as a photographer. Knowing when to pick the camera up and put it down is one of the things I try to take on-board the most whilst looking at other people’s work. The glare from Gill’s flash has also been included in the image and not attempted to be eradicated and although many would see this as a mistake or an imperfection it helps in this particular piece to fit in with a more “snapshotty” and almost holiday photograph aesthetic. In my opinion this brings a lot more fun into the medium where he is not worried by the constraints of creating a perfect photograph. But obtaining the image he himself envisioned in the first place.

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