A photograph that made me think – the work of Tod Seelie

The photo attached is by an artist called Tod Seelie, the image made me think as it portrays an element of eeriness and solitude. The simple framing of the photo creates a great deal of contrast with detailed back ground of a bridge, what I am assuming is a motor way type road across a bridge. I find the image really interesting as the word motor-way would first sound harsh and could to me, but Tod Seelie has been able to create a beautiful image by creating a empty and peaceful space. The image matches itself on both sides which adds to the mellow tone that the image portrays.

The photo also made me think because we normally link motorways as a busy place but the fact that only one person is stood there, it creates a deep sense of contrast and loneliness, although the photo doesn’t make me feel sad it does give a chilling vibe to the audience. Overall I really like what Seelie has captured in this image and I feel his work is very interesting and engaging.

Graci Henshaw

L1 Photography – University of the West of England

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