A photograph that made me think – V-J Day in Times Square, Alfred Eisenstaedt

I find this image interesting not only due to its historical content and fame as it is world renowned, but also because of the spontaneity that is evident in the image. This photograph was taken on ‘V-J Day’ which is the day in WW2 when it was announced that Japan had surrendered to its allies, ending WW2 on 14th August 1945.

This photograph not only shows the celebration of the war ending, but also a celebration of love, expressed with a kiss between the sailor and the nurse from the war. The image has an element of business to it around the couple at the front of the photograph, giving the impression that time is stood still to them, as there is not anybody close around them either, as if they are the only people in the world in that moment. You can also see people laughing around them and smiling, looking at them, as if they too are appreciating their display of affection towards each other and excitement of the war ending by celebrating in the most natural way to humans, with affection towards another, after fighting for so long for the exact outcome that had been announced only moments before.

Holly Cadman

L1 Photography, University of the West of England


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