A photograph that made me think- The Unbearable Lightness: Thea’s legs on blue, Guido Argentini

The photograph taken by Guido Argentini made me think about the story that is being portrayed in front of me. Starting with the colors that are polar opposites; having a cold blue next to a harsh red creates a confusing contrast as you don’t know whether to feel that the woman is being sexual with the red or just waiting around with the blue; but putting them together creates a calming neutral tone. The way that she is standing creates two different stories as she could be just waiting for a friend or a partner while leaning on her phone and moving her feet or a different situation is that she could be drunk just about to fall over; the way she is dresses gives off a character about her already as she is wearing pink shiny stilettos with a very short outfit as you cannot see any clothing on her body; this then made me think of ‘who is this girl, is she in trouble?’. The fact that Guido Argentini has not shown any part of identification of this woman leaves it all up to your imagination of what you want to portray her as this to me is extremely intriguing as everyone would have a different view on just one photo.

Ella Putner

L1 Photography, University Of West England


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