A Photograph that made me think: Neon Grit 2, by Joshua Reis.

I have chosen a photograph from Joshua Reis, called Neon Grit 2 which is from a similar series. This image made me think of time and decay, and the far future, with its use of intense, vibrant colour it abstracts the subject into geometrical shapes, which gives it a very sci-fi look, until you see that the subject is peeling paint.

This contrast between vibrance and decay was very interesting to me, as it made me think about our perception of the now, the past, and the future, and how what we see as the future will one day be seen as mundane and normal, whereas our present will be seen as quaint and more natural by people.

The theme of decay and abandonment is a strong one for me, as it really helps to bring the focus to time specifically, rather than being just a futuristic image.

The colour sused are the reason I chose this image over the others, as blue and purple are very futuristic colours to me, and the wood is cleanest, which helps to hide the subject a little longer, giving time for ideas of the future to form more strongly in my head.

All in all, it is an image I enjoy looking at, and it has given me some interesting things to think about.

Emrys Rose,
L1 Photography, University of the West of England


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