A photograph that made me think – bySOPHIE SEYMOUR, photograph called ALEXXA

I have chosen this photograph by Sophie Seymour as it made me think about many things. In particular, it made me think about if it Seymour intended to look like a photograph taken in the early 1960’s or if that’s just the way the photograph turned out. I want to know why Seymour specifically chose that car to place in the background, that car is the main factor in what makes me believe she has chosen the 60’s to emulate.

However, something else that makes me think is why Seymour’s model is walking away from the camera. I believe that this is to create a sense of “mystery” to the model as the audience we are meant to ask questions about where she is going? Is she lost? If the model was facing the camera there wouldn’t be that sense of mystery anymore it would just be a photograph of a model in a road.

Finally, one last thing that makes me think when looking more deeply into the photograph is the angle in which Seymour has chosen to take this particular photograph. I’m thinking about it because it’s almost like a point of view angle, as if the audience where to be stood there as well that is exactly what we’d see. This is interesting because maybe that’s the intention. Going back to what I said earlier about creating a sense of mystery I think Seymour wants the audience to imagine we are going on this mystery adventure with her.

Hannah Royle

L1 Photography, University of the West of England

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