A photograph that made me think – A Natural Layered Photo – Lucy Mather

This photo is by Vivian Maier, I love how the reflections create a depth to the photograph almost creating a surreal, double exposure look. I find this photograph really interesting as there is so many layers and shapes building up this photo, along with the wide tonal range that enhances these shapes making the incredible wide depth of field. Maier was good at framing her images, as you can see in this above image all the people are central. The two people sitting inside stand out a lot more than the other objects inside. This is because she has used the darkness of her coat to help enhance the reflection making them stand out more, I feel because of this the image is much more powerful and bold. It almost looks like Vivian Maier is framing the two people inside with her own silhouette. On the street around her I love how you can see the movement and busyness of day to day life in Chicago, this makes the inside (where the two people are) look warm and cosy almost like Maier is lonely in the cold and possibly wishes she was inside with them.

Lucy Mather.

L1 Photography, University of the West of England


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