A photograph that made me think – 1975a – Todd Hido

I have chosen one image out of a set of many named Homes at Night. This image was part of the houses section titled 1975a. This is the seventh image within the set. You can see the reoccurring theme throughout the style in which he shoots his photographs. The majority of his images has this hazy, blurred effect to them, Hido keeps to the natural surroundings for his photographs which makes me question how he mastered such a specific and recognizable style but yet he’s so dependent on something that isn’t in his control.

This particular image stood out to me as it captures so many possible feelings and situations. This is at a point in the set where it takes a much darker outlook. This image has a lonesome, desperate sense. Appreciating the imperfections of the image and recognising them, the broken rusted fence, the dirty wooden paneling of the exterior of the house, the dingey and tired lighting which all coincides with the detatched sense from the photographer and his subject.

The composition in which this was shot and the effect it has on the image it instantly isolates the house from what is a busy, built up landscape.

Bethany Morris


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