A photo that made me think

This is the image I have chosen by a photographer called caesar sebastian.

This image caught my eye when I first saw it and made me think. As to me this image asks questions and makes a lot of comparisons creating contrast in the image to the viewer. This pink contrasts with heavily man made pink creating a contrast between not only the two styles present but the views, this man made bright pink paint covering up her nipples and groin, like this image has to be censored by modern society to make it acceptable or appropriate, but why isn’t our own body appropriate? This to me shows modern life about made up stereotypes of whats wright and wrong in the public eye.

It has a very dreamy look to it created by using a low aperture with soft light and colour, making you have complete focus on the girl drawing you to her. Her whole relaxed posture and star at the camera make you think that she has a special connection with the person shes looking at as she seems completely comfortable in there presents.I think the pink paint also creates a really cool layer effect to the image as well as contrast which draws your eyes further.

Sam Wexham


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