A Photograph That Made Me Think – Gammelyn’s, Daughter A Walking Dream – Kirsty Mitchell

The title of this image combined with all aspects – from props, colours, makeup, wardrobe, placement and composition instantly portrays deep emotion. Most of which we may never be able to understand. I instantly see a photographer using photography as a method of therapeutic realise in order to communicate feelings, thoughts and dreams. The delicacy of the subjects’ body language especially her hands portrays vulnerability, if her hands were clenched I would instantly see aggression and discomfort. This alone shows how important placement is within any photograph. Previously researching this photographer, I know the background of this photographic series (Wonderland – dedicated to her late mother) although, this image is one which stood out to me, making me question a lot about it: what is the reason behind the colour scheme? Why is only one eye showing? Many questions which may never be answered. My thought process wonders in regards to the ships symbolism. Does the ship symbolise her saying goodbye to her mother? The hands placement around the ship combined with the expression on the models face – to me – shows sadness, someone who does not want to say goodbye or let go of someone they love.

Natasha Hunt-Cafarelli

L1 Photography, University of the West of England.


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